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India SCM Leadership Summit 2nd Edition – 16th May 2019, Mumbai

‘India SCM Leadership Summit - 2nd Edition’ focuses on addressing the challenges faced by SCM leaders in day to day operations. The purpose of the summit is to support the communities attain greater operational excellence by forming intrinsic business partnerships with corporate India. Reinventing your company: Whether you’re a part of Supply chain, procurement, logistic, purchase or a major link in the supply chain, find out why you must reinvent your supply chain to get your fair share of future growth thereby contributing to your firm’s success.. What does it take to survive and thrive in an ever-volatile business environment? Supply chains like yours need to embrace the transformative power of agility and responsiveness to be able to quickly anticipate and respond to unexpected events and turn disruption to advantage. 'India SCM Leadership Summit 2019 - The Leader of tomorrow' is designed to help supply chain leaders and their businesses to embrace a journey where individuals are focused on today's challenges and are committed to build a better chain for tomorrow.

Highlights of the Summit:

  • Exclusive annual SCM leadership and expert gathering.
  • Leadership share their journey to the summit of the ladder and the view from top
  • The Business talks: Hear what the CxO’s expect from their model supply chain department. The strategic imperatives of wider business
  • The latest supply chain technologies and innovations
  • Agile customer-centric supply planning and optimization strategies
  • Transparency, control and synchronization across manufacturing and supply chain operations, including production, quality, labor, maintenance and material flows
  • Risk and volatility management in a global economy
  • Disruptive technologies for managing supply, production and delivery; big data, IoT and smart manufacturing
  • The use of analytics to interpret complex demand information in omni-channel markets